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Conditions of adoption at Happy Bunny


1.1.The adopter undertakes not to part with the rabbit, which he cannot abandon, assign or sell. If the adopter, faced with a case of force majeure, found himself in a situation where he could no longer keep the rabbit, he is required to inform Happy Bunny as quickly as possible. The association will be able to take the animal back and place it in a foster family for a new adoption, or will try to find other adopters as soon as possible, according to its adoption criteria. If carpooling costs were necessary, these will be charged to the adopter transferring the rabbit.

1.2.Adoption fees, paid by the adopter to Happy Bunny, are not refundable under any circumstances.

1.3. The adopter undertakes to financially support the transport cage with which the adopted animal will arrive.

1.4.Under no circumstances will the rabbit be used for animal mediation/zootherapy purposes.


2.1.The adopter agrees to let the rabbit live inside his home. In case of access to a garden (or any other outdoor space), the adopter will ensure strict safety of the rabbit, which will only go out under surveillance.

2.2.The living space of the rabbit will be adapted to its needs and its development, comprising at least, on the basis of the indications of the Foster family as to the preferences of the animal concerned:

  • Hay and a bowl of water, always available;

  • A litter box;

  • A possibility of hiding (house, cat tree, etc.)

  • A “comfort space” (plaid, cushion, etc.)

  • Toys (to gnaw, tunnel,...)

2.3.The rabbit will be free as much as possible, at least for 6 hours a day, in a secure environment (cables out of reach and/or protected by sheaths, etc.) Happy Bunny strictly opposes the use of a cage, except in exceptional cases of cage therapy duly attested by a veterinary certificate.

In case of semi-freedom, the enclosure must represent a minimum surface of 2m².

2.4.The adopter will take care to do everything possible so that the rabbit is fulfilled, stimulated and receives daily attention and affection.


3.1.The adopter agrees to provide a healthy diet, in accordance with the physiological needs of the rabbit:

  • Quality hay at will;

  • Greenery/fresh vegetables daily;

  • Possibly: quality extrudates, at the rate of 1% of the weight of the rabbit per day;

  • Water changed daily, containing less than 15 mg/l of calcium.

3.2.Mixtures of seeds and cereals as well as all industrial treats and/or containing salt, fats and sugar are prohibited.


4.1.The adopter undertakes to offer the rabbit a healthy living environment (not exposed to cigarette smoke or other toxic substances.) Also, the latter must be temperate and exposed to daylight.

As for the litter, the adopter will make sure to use elements that are not harmful to the rabbit. Excluded are: newsprint, wood/softwood shavings, mineral/silica/clumping litter.

The litter and the water bowl will be cleaned regularly, for which the adopter will use a non-toxic product such as white vinegar.

The water will be changed daily, and low in calcium (less than 15 mg/l.)

4.2.The adopter agrees to consult a competent   veterinarian as often and as quickly as necessary; in particular with a view to booster shots against the two types of VHD as well as myxomatosis.

The adopter agrees to follow Happy Bunny's vaccination advice, and in collaboration with his NAC veterinarian, according to the epidemiological evolution of VHD and its variants.

During the check-up visit by the representative of the Happy Bunny Association, the adopter will show the health record. The Association will obligatorily request the sending, by email, of a scanned copy of the notebook.

4.3.The Happy Bunny Association prohibits reproduction. Sterilization or castration of adopted animals is mandatory. If, at the time of   its adoption, the animal could not be sterilized by the Association, the Adopter undertakes to finance this operation, which will then be carried out at the Foster Family , by a partner veterinarian and at the association rate, before the animal joins the Adopter.

4.4.Happy Bunny disclaims all responsibility in the event of a health problem appearing after the adoption, the adopter having received all the information relating to his health.

4.5.Rabbit euthanasia is strictly prohibited, except in the exceptional case of a serious, incurable and painful state of health for the animal, attested by a veterinary certificate.

Other animals

5.1.If the adopted rabbit has to cohabit with another animal, with the Adopter or when the latter has it looked after by a third person, this must not give rise to any risk for the health, safety and well-being of the rabbit, or those of the other animal. Some cohabitations are therefore prohibited, others subject to rules of security and vigilance.

5.2.Because of its gregariousness, cohabitation with another rabbit of the opposite sex and sterilized, is recommended. The association does not allow cohabitation between males, even sterilized ones. If the adopter tries to cohabit with a congener, he will have to gradually respect the stages: quarantine, meetings on neutral ground with separation grids, meetings on neutral ground without grids when the rabbits are not/more aggressive.

The adopter must be aware that cohabitation can take a long time; failure should in no case lead to abandonment.

If unfortunately cohabitation proves impossible between the rabbits, the adopter undertakes to offer optimal living conditions to everyone.

5.3.Meetings with cats and dogs should be done gradually and through gates. If cohabitation fails, it is best for the rabbit to be separated from dogs and cats.

5.4.The Happy association strictly forbids any cohabitation with a ferret and/or a snake and/or rat and/or guinea pig.


Please note that we do not accept adoption requests where the rabbit should take the boat or the plane to join its adopters. Concerning an adoption in Switzerland, we only accept if the adopter has the possibility of having the rabbit vaccinated against myxomatosis, VHD1 and VHD2.

Still want to adopt a rabbit?

If you still want to adopt a rabbit you can read our "adoption requirements", if you have already read them and you agree with them you can fill in the form HERE.

One of our volunteers will contact you as soon as possible.
If you have a question you can send an email to the following address:adoptions.happybunny@gmail.comor

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