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Lapin déparasité, vacciné* contre la Myxomatose, le VHD1 et VHD2
Lapin vacciné*, déparasité et castré
Lapine vaccinée*, déparasitée et stérilisée (ovariohysthérectomie)
Couple de lapins vaccinés*, déparasités et stérilisés

Our adoption rates

All our rabbits are vaccinated against Myxomatosis, VHD1 and VHD2.
A booster against VHD2 is produced after 6 months.
The adoption rate allows us to pay part of the veterinary fees.

Do you think our prices are too high?!
Here is a comparisonf*prices with us, in a pet store or with a breeder.

*The prices indicated in this table are an average of the prices charged by pet stores and breeders.

Pet Shop

Purchase: 35€

+ Vaccination: 74€

+Deworming: 8€

+Sterilization (Ovariohystherectomy) or Castration: 220€ / 150€

Total cost

 267€ / 337€

Happy Bunny

happy bunny

Adoption: 130€ / 150€




Sterilization (Ovariohystherectomy) or Castration

Total cost

130 / 150€


Purchase: 50€ / 90€

+Vaccination: 74€

+Deworming: 8€

+Sterilization (Ovariohystherectomy) or Castration: 282€ / 392€

Total cost

282€ / 392€

Steps in our adoption process

1.Fill out the form:  HERE

2.Exchanges by email, with the volunteer who will process your request

3.Telephone interview with this same volunteer

4.Decision, of the members of the association, of the acceptance or not of your application for adoption.

5.If accepted, an adoption contract will be sent to you.

6.After receiving your adoption contract, by post, signed and accompanied by the supporting documents requested, the rabbit will be able to join you.

It is also possible to make a donation in addition to the adoption fees.

Are you ready to adopt a rabbit?

To find out, you can read our section "before adopting"and our"Adoption requirements".
If you have already read everything you can fill in the form HERE.

One of our volunteers will contact you as soon as possible.

You have a question ?

You can send an email to the following address:

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