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His history

At the end of September 2020, we picked up Ivar, found drenched in a street by someone who couldn't keep him. He was then in poor health. Ivar's estimated age when we picked him up is around 7 years old. Due to a cataract, he is blind in one eye (completely white.) He will gradually go blind in the other eye.


Ivar will need regular monitoring throughout his life. With in particular physiotherapeutic exercises, at the level of the hind legs, to be carried out every day. For this reason, we have decided to create “the Happy Pension” especially for him. This aims to place a rabbit in a foster family for life. Given that he will need expensive veterinary care (regular ophthalmological, paw and dental checks), Ivar will remain under the protection of the association for life. He will not be offered for adoption. If this announcement may seem sad, you should know that Ivar has made enormous progress! If he struggled to move with his hind legs, he is now able to jump on the bed of his FA. He is adorable, greedy and sociable. And above all, he does not suffer.

Considering his particular situation, we will all the more need godmothers and godfathers for him. (Currently he has 18) You can sponsor him with the amount of your choice. 

The total amount of veterinary costs for the treatment of Ivar amounts to


Here are the examinations/treatments that have been/will be essential in the management of Ivar:

  • To scan

  • Operations

  • X-rays

  • Tooth trimmings

  • Vaccinations

Our resident in detail

  • Encephalitozoonosis:Ivar has never triggered the disease and does not carry the parasite 

  • Temper :  Ivar is a curious rabbit who loves the caresses of his FA

  • Education :Ivar is clean

  • FA Condition:Total freedom

  • Story :Ivar was found on the street




Dwarf rabbit

Dutch type black

Vaccinated VHD1 & VHD2


75 Paris

Vaccinated myxomatosis

sponsor ivar

All the details on the section "Sponsorship".

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Bank transfer

Association Happy Bunny - La Banque Postale

- IBAN: FR 90 20041 01005 2596081X026 65



Happy Bunny Association

c/o BURIGAT Lisa

1 Alley of the Morelle Noire

Bat Balsamine 1 - App 24

59139 Wattignies


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If you wish to make a donation you can fill out the online form HERE.

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